Monday, June 23, 2008

New Toys and Old Songs

The other night I spent about 5 hours copying some of my old albums to CD. Crosley has a couple of cool machines to make this easy for those of us who are still a bit clumsy in the tech department. It also helps if you just want to make the memories easier to listen to. I know the quality of sound isn't as good as a new CD but memories don't need perfect renditon. There aren't to many people who would believe that I had an Old Monkees album hidden in that pile.To tell the truth I was surprised . I was happy to find the old Belefonte and Burl Ives though. Having Two Boys my sound devices have been filled with Metal and Techno to much of late. I guess I should get an Mp3 played and stay plugged in most of the time and give my ears a rest. Anyway along with copying old albums I saved some pictures of a couple of my toy designs to prove that I really do that. Hope you can relate to rocking horses and push toys. We enjoy making them and seeing the faces of kids that that think all toys have to be loud and plastic.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Masks Finally Finished

We finally put means to attach the Masks onto your face. It only took about 4 months. Procrastination is such a good thing. Now that I have finally finished these then maybe I can start working on different materials. We finally have summer weather here so evenings are much more pleasant. I hope that you enjoy this the latest post.
Have a happy!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Back Again

It has been many months since I have visited. I guess I am a bad blogger. I will post some pictures tomorrow. Once again I will come up with reasons to put off putting stuff up. I suppose that is the song I always sing. Why do today what you can put Off until tomorrow.
I think you might like to see me when I am kicking back with freinds . We are enjoying a beautiful spring day here. The second picyure is another one of my cats. He is pretty laid back when he is asleep. At other times he is a very noisy creature. He tries to make up for his diminuative size by mouthing off all the time. He thinks that he can take on the whole world.I guess it is because he is a boy cat.
I have been talking about getting more stuff on the net for many months and have continued to come up with excuses for way to long, I guess I am as full of hot air as my little kitty cat. Boy Howdy would he be mad if he heard that. He thinks that we cannot do with out him.

Our pool is finally ready to be used for relaxation and fun. Maybe the weather will calm down enough for us to enjoy it soon.

I guess that I should realize that it is Okay to ramble on on these things. Since people don't really read them after all. I could be wrong but it doesn't matter anyway.

Hve a great Day!!!