Thursday, July 10, 2008

Weeble Wagons and Old Toys

I found this great new site that is devoted to art and stuff . It is called deviant art .com. Tom turned me on to it. If you want some inspiration or just want to see some great stuff from all over the world check it out. It is a lot of fun. There is quite a bit of fan art but, we can all use a bit of fun.
This is a picture of some more of my toys I just noticed that one of T's stuffy's snuck in the. The round thing that resembles a top is really an old fashioned Yo-Yo. They are really great! You can't mess them up. I always hit some part of my own anatomy with regular YO-YO. I love making toys and games. I guess it comes from being a Mom for such a long time. The Wheeled thing laying on its side is a wooden worm. It is a favorite of toddler's. We made it just the right size for little hands that grasp everything. I also like the Weeble Wagon it has lots of little people that can go on great adventure.

We all need to take fantasy adventures atleast once in awhile. The stress that we all put each other and ourselves under is way to much. Since we are a tribal based creature we ought to spend more time on gathering then on competition.

Well since I am getting Preachy I had better quit.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 5 No More Fireworks

Well, I guess that living in Vegas I should be used to fireworks. We (The City and Casinos) tend to blow things up at the drop of a hat. Sometimes, I dream of seeing old buildings and such around here but, Vegas destroys and then scraps and then builds a brand new shiney building. The essence of a throwaway culture.
nywy I thought I would look at these masks on the web and get some inspiration to make some more. I have had images of a new Green Man mask running through my head but I haven't quite got the feeling right yet. Maybe tonight. I am a bit weird, I have to actually see what I want to make in my mind before I can begin work on it. I guess that someothers feel the same way. But I see others burn to create lots of stuff daily. I often wish that I was that way.

That is enough waxing philosophical, The masks are from natural vegatable tanned doeskin soaked in water and white glue as a stiffener. I hope that you like them.