Monday, January 2, 2012

Well Trained Cat.

I have to admit that I have gotten lax with my cats. I demand from the beginning to keep them off the tables and counters. At first I allow them to crawl up under the Xmas tree and then I get a bit more lax and not yell when they start crawling across the coffee table to avoid getting kicked or to avoid having to jump twice. But laying down on the coffee table and letting some one take their picture be taken only leads to other things.

Oh well, since he now has decided to jump up on the kitchen table and hides behind my computer screen. He jumps up on the counter and relaxes when I am not then he looks offended when I catch him at it.

Life is crazy sometimes,
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

He got bigger!

Here is the latest picture of Gypsy! He now outweighs Dufus I think. His legs are really long. I think he is mad that I bothered him. He is one of the most independent cats I have ever met.
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Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Day, New Year, New Start

It seems I do this every year, I hope that this year it will stick. At least some of the changes I have planned should come to fruition.
We will be restarting the business aspect of our lives.
Though we know that The Toychest can only be a hobby, we will be playing in the local Craft shows. We can't afford to travel out of town anymore.
It is a very sad thing to put that dream aside but we all have to move on. I hope that we can regain the fun of creating and drop the worry of trying to pay the bills which has made the creativity a study in blocking.
My interests have moved into The Steanpunk Culture recently and I am excited about the possibilities of a whole new wardrobe to play in.
The idea is so fun.
One of the things I am encountering, as with any recreation area is a preponderance of folks who say what has to be. Do these people not look at the folks walking down the street.
Sure they are all wearing clothes that are made up of the same pieces (shirts ,pants, skirts, blouses,jackets, and hats) they are as varied as the folks that wear them. I have worn T-shirts and 501s for the
past 40 years but the embellishments and accessories have changed over the years. Plus what I wear to dress up has changed over those same years. Many of us have to wear very boring uniforms everyday
whether for work or school so our personality and interest must be shown after hours.

Ah once again the rambling of my mind makes its way down the nerves to my clumsy fingers.
Anyway keep in touch and check back here to see or find the new links to new blogs.
I have been planning a blog on Zombies, and a new one to showcase my ideas for steampunk.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

More views if this was more up to date.

I keep berating myself to get off my duff and work my various sites so they would be interesting enough for people to come visit. I have always known that the way to get people to buy my wonderful merchandise is for them to see it.

I also know that folks won't come to my stores and sites unless there is something new and fun at the place they are going to. Why should you go visit someplace if everything is the same. It is very simple to change stuff around so it is fun to visit. Some folks just want to know you are active and care. How long will it take the person to notice a sale if they haven't changed their site in 6 month's?

As I write this I remember that the last thing I put up on this wonderful site is from Xmas and it is almost the 4th of July. In a little while I will be putting up my newest creation. It is a double-decker Weeble wagon. I got it made 2month's ago and I haven't put it on any of my sites yet.

I should have put my butt in gear a few weeks ago.

Well that is enough whining for now, I am hoping that I might be able to keep my spirits up.

I will write again soon.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Outside Xmas Decoration

We finally got the lights up for Xmas . Later this week we will get started on the inside. I of course am way to busy to do any of this. I think that I should get my decorating done during the slow time in July. Maybe that is why the stores have their Xmas in July sales.Who Knows.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Kitty home from the Vet.

We sent the new Kitten (Gypsy ) to the Vet today. He needed to get fixed. He wasn't happy about it and he is now wearing the cape of doom. He won't be wearing it long but I don't think he will forgive me for awhile. The older one was annoyed and concerned that he was in for the same treatment.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Zombie Crobot

I finally finished this Zombie Crobot . Isn't he cute? Poor little guy he definitely needs repairs. Anyway! I hope you like him. Enjoy.
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