Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Long time no see.

It is hard to beleive but it is 2009. I haven't been here since July . I guess that was because I got involved with deviant art and some other sites. Facebook and a few others. It is a bit crazy around here. I guess depression and illness can be partof the problem. I am finally realizing that to get any kind of response on your internet publications you must spend some time getting to know people and places. I guess the old networking jive is as true as it always was. Having an internet presence is not the only way to make a fortune.Youcan makea decent ammount of money selling stuff door to doorif you go out everyday and knockon those doors. But if you don't go out you won't sell anything . You have to put your stuff in front of the public. Wh y are we so convinced this life owes us good things. We are born with great potential. We must make the best of it. We can't do anything just sitting in our houses waiting for it to happen. Many of us were active in demonstrations in the 60'and 70's and we were able to make a bit of difference in this great country of ours , but we got tired and got involved in the "grownup" portions of our lives. Now that we have finished most of that we should open our eyes and help our children fix the problems that our lack of attention allowed to happen. Didn't we care about our neighbors and the behavior of the people around us. We now just wander through our lives and don't even worry about what is happening around us. Oh well I am waxing philosophical so I should put my musings into action.

Anyway I have to post some more items onto my Etsy site and decide what should go on E-bay. I have to figure out how to increase my income by 300 per cent in
this wonderful depressed economy. It should be interesting keep checking in and watch the ride.